Friday, April 25

What will you give me when I spread the word about you?

Unique Blog Contest: Register and win April 2008 If you have an answer, state it in the comments box. This blog is giving something really big away, but many readers do not know. If you tell your readers, they will be grateful and thank you. Imagine the opportunity to reach ALL those recieving my RSS feed.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. It is the unique blog contest. I have scoured the internet and I am yet to see anything like it. I will not repeat the contest components in this post, but I will wager any blogger to show me a better contest, or any contest for that matter that offers value better than this. Many blogs host contests that give things away to their associates, selected by unmeasurable parameters: "randomly selected". Such a hoax in the name of competition and greed.

In my definition of competition, there is a clear criteria for winning, nothing random. The winners of this competition will benefit every month with the directory listing them and their keywords and the top contestants will have their links and keyword phrases in this cute box above. On every post. That way, the reader even sees them before they see me.

That brings me back to my question: What will you give me when I spread the word about you? If you have any compelling offer, you tell us, we are listening.



hmmmm, I need to think about this Mcneri. I will come up with something and yes, you do have a great contest going.


Okay, I've got it! I will put a widget of your blog on my blog for one whole month. I just saw one and it is big and very visual?Yes or no? I'm not the most creative.

The Aries said...

Thank you to add comment in my blog
I really appreciate your advise.
Thank you

NaijaEcash said...

Hmnn I will give you a 125x125 ad space with link to your site for a whole month. What do you think? ;-)

Note: There are no advertisement on my blog because I am yet to monetize it. So you are having a prime offer as far as the blog is concern. Beside the Entrecard widget which changes daily, your ad will be the only one displayed on the blog.

kellex said...

I'll give you 2000 Entrecard credits and a "Recommended sites" text link for a month.

And...Hi Heidi!

Petula Wright said...

I think prime ad space would be in order... I'm not very creative with these things, I guess. But I have already entered your competition, right!? :-) Good luck with this... I guess folks don't realize what they'll be missing out on.

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