Wednesday, April 23

Sploggers: Spamming a Felony?

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Is spamming not a felony? A serious crime? When an internet user decides to spam, or worse still splog thereby deceiving internet users and infringing on copyright, it should be seen as a Felony. If you spam, it is a form of cybercrime since it is unsolicited intrusion of one's privacy/personal web space, and qualifies by virtue of the fact that a computer is being used as a tool in criminal activity, infringing on copyright.

Hello splogging spammer, I do not know which planet you come from, but at least you live here. Stop spamming. I think the laws should be tightened and enforced much more. Spammers should be brought to book. They not only scrape the web for other people's work, they also use it to make money for themselves through online adverting. I understand Google has done alot to curb them but they are still rampant. According to Mashable last month, Wordpress has up to 33% of its blogs, spam blogs. That is an obscene number.

For those new to the blogosphere, or old members learning new skills, make sure you do not spam. hard work pays off on the internet. If you play by the rules, you can not go wrong, or rather you would almost never go wrong.

Akismet, a wordpress anti-spam plugin has done a great deal to stop spam comments before they get published. Also Lorelle VanFossen, recently in a post on BlogHerald discussed how Google, Technorati and herself were responding to the spamming sploggers. Newer anti-spam software will be robots. they will spider the splogs, and destroy the contents down to the root directory. Then they will send the information into a database including the IP addresses, sign-on information, host account on server and location. If possible, the perpertrators should also be identified. Just dreaming? Well if was a programmer that would be my next project. Since I am not, I hope some of you out there will take up the challenge and get this problem out of the way.

Once again, if you want your blog to be a top-rated blog in your lifetime, do not spam and do not splog.


Troy said...

I have never heard the term "splog" before, and I didn't know that spam via computer should be considered a felony. Thanks!

Tee - Joyful Digesting said...

Spammers are scum! Sadly, what they do must work to some degree, since they keep doing it... people have to learn to not click on these things, and to kill the backlinks that do get through in blog commetns and such.

Jena Isle said...

Can you define what a spam is and a splog? New to this terms, thanks, you have a cool site.

Mcneri said...

Troy, Jena: thanks for stopping by. I have included links to more elaborate discussions and definitions. However since you have asked, I will explain it in another post coming out soon. Make sure you sign up both for the competition and my RSS feed so that you do not miss any post on similar topics.

Mcneri said...

Thanks for dropping by Tee. The backlinks that get through do so because of blog laziness. It is the responsibility of every Blogger to moderate comments. If you can not moderate it, do not mass-publish. Otherwise spam will get through.


I am not too familiar with splog but am annoyed by spammers. Great post.

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