Tuesday, April 22

22 Must have Firefox add-ons for Bloggers (Blogging tip 6 of 22)

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#6: Session Manager add-on for Firefox
This add-on rescues you when you need to be rescued. Of course we have all at one time or the other suffered a browser or worse still a computer freeze. When that happens we are likely to lose those important blogs that we had open on several tabs, or those web images that took you two hours to accumulate. Session Manager saves and later restores your tabs either when you want it, or at start-up following a crash.

Session manager also helps you restore a window which you have accidentally closed. It may be three windows ago or just the last window you closed. For any blogger out there that uses several tabs at the same time, one could get mixed up and close the wrong one. Also many times I have had to stop blogging in the middle because it is too late, or something has come up. This tool helps me get back to where I was.

You can
download it from here. One important thing which I forgot to mention earlier in this series is that Safari works pretty much with many Firefox add-ons. Thus owning a Mac should not discourage you, besides Firefox works on Macs too. There are many inherent advantages of Firefox which I have outlined elsewhere.



Will check out the Firefox advantages as I am still learning on this. Love your blog! Great tips everytime!

Mcneri said...

Thank you Health Nut. I will keep up my posts for dedicated readers like you. Thank you.

Angelika said...

Thanks! I've definitely had occasions when I accidentally closed a window & then my history is so long I give up trying to find the page, LOL.

I hope this works!

Mcneri said...

It sure works, Angelika. There are many other add-ons and if you keep this blog in your RSS, you will get all in your inbox. Thanks for dropping by.

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