Tuesday, May 6

The stages of Blogging: at what stage are you?

This is just my definition of different stages in the blogging evolution of a person. If you do not agree with me, let us know why in the comment box below. If you agree, just tell us where you classify yourself into.

1. No-Blogger!
This is a person that does not blog, knows next to nothing about blogging and is not an active owner or inheritor of a blog. The person may have some rudimentary interest in getting ahead on the internet, but is yet to reconcile the concept of blogging with the inner being.

2. Pre-Blogger:
My idea that when you start blogging, just like many start-ups, you are not really sure you can do this. You may close shop in a few days or weeks. You are testing yourself, but you claim to yourself that you are testing the blogosphere. You hope to be able to get what you want out of blogging, but you are not really fully launched. The blogosphere does not even know you exist. Maybe you have a blog, or something close to it. The design may be pre-historic, or so bizarre that it is abstract art! 50% of these Pre-bloggers go on to blog.

3. Gobloggers(Gloggers):
My favourite group. These people own at least one blog or several blogs. They have blogged and inovated. The Go-blogger's ranking, performance and ratings is on the upward trend. The Go-blogger is making contacts and meeting new people. The Go-blogger's blog may be amateurish, but is well thought-out. The Go-blogger is handling inadequacies and deficiencies appropriately.

Go-bloggers are not earning a living from blogging, even though it may be their dream and motivation. The Go-blogger is a go-getter blogger who creates content and is steadily expanding readership. The Go-bloggers soon become B-listed bloggers.

4. Probloggers(Ploggers):
Professional Bloggers. Earn a living plus some extra perks from blogging. This could be either directly or indirectly. Pay-per-post, Adsense, Reviews, etc. This stages usually comes with age at being a go-blogger. You would have paid your dues. Many-a-times more than two to three years blogging well. A few go-bloggers get there, but it takes effort and dedication. Pro-bloggers have made a profession out of blogging. They do not keep jobs except the probloggers of the online newspapers.

5. Team-bloggers (Tloggers):
After turning professional, often times bloggers start blogging in teams. A few go-bloggers try it, but usually this is when they are close to boing professional. They are advanced bloggers. they cross-post and have part ownership of team blogs, online magazines and blog or media networks. They team up for more effective marketing., having already made names for themselves as A-listed Bloggers. They may have owned several blogs in the past which they may have sold off. Some hand over management to a team and post only occassionally in their previous blogs.

In the new team blogs which they belong to, they operate a profit sharing system and grow their pokets fatter. They market various products including consultancy, books and speaking through their team blog. Tloggers are the movers and shakers of the blogosphere. When they sneeze, the blogosphere shudders. Examples in 2008 include Gawker Media with its network of bloggers/blogs, B5media, Huffingtonpost and many others.

6. Cash-Bloggers(Cloggers):
This is an aside, not really a stage but cuts across all the levels. Anyone with a desire to make money from blogs/blogging is a clogger. Unfortunately even sploggers are cloggers too.

Which one do you consider yourself. Vote in the poll or just add a comment. We want to hear your voice. Tell others about these definitions in your various blogs so that we will have a common definition of these terms, afterall we are what we are!



hmmmm, not sure which I am! I don't really know what I am doing or hope to gain (made alot of friends and like to do it) but I want to keep going and am finding that whether I am good at it or not I am enjoying myself and finding other great blogs like yours to read! Great post as always!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and original post about blogging. I think I might come under "goblogger".

Petula said...

:) I like this. I think I'm a cross between a glogger and a plogger with some clogger going on!

Anonymous said...

I love blogging just for the fun of it,just like back in the days when i keep a personal diary.I like your blog,keep the good work going.

Anonymous said...

I am a goblogger.

Anonymous said...

I'm a goblogger. I've kept online diaries, but this is the first time I'm doing it this way.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I guess with three blogs (one since July 2004) I'm a glogger.

I found you with BlogUpp by the way. Just installed it yesterday and wondering if it's worth the space it takes up.

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