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22 Must have Firefox add-ons for Bloggers (Blogging tip 9 of 22)

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#9:IE Tab (Internet Explorer)add-on for Firefox
This add-on may be self explanatory but I will still lend it some brief explanation. IE Tab for Firefox is an add-on that simulates the Internet Explorer engine within a new tab in Firefox. This enables bloggers to see how browsers using internet explorer (which is very popular though not the best browser) will see their pages.

You may be wondering what for and I will tell you. Internet explorer is a bad browser that finds it really difficult to render webpages adequately as the designers of the page want. Therefore, if the page publisher is able to identify what elements IE will not show its users, then the blog owner can adjust or modify the design to overcome that deficiency.

This add-on is also said to be a more convenient alternative to the add-on called open in IE. That is because you really do not have to leave Firefox to see how the page you have just blogged renders in IE. Serious bloggers have a need for this add-on and you can download it from here.

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I am just learning about firefox and was using it for entrecard so glad to know more about it. thanks

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