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22 Must have Firefox add-ons for Bloggers (Blogging tip 4 of 22)

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Mozilla FirefoxImage via Wikipedia#4: Permatabs add-on for Firefox

Just like the name says, Permatabs keeps some tabs of your choice permanent. That way, you can have web pages that you visit often stay permanently in your browser in-between sessions. This comes in very handy for the blogger. The reason is that any and every blogger knows that one sure destination on the web is your blog.

We may read our emails in a desktop-based email application, but we really want to sight that our creation. More importantly, if you have multiple blogs, or some "high-yield" blogs that always give you ideas to blog about, then the permatabs makes it easy for you to always get to that destination.

Permatabs makes it impossible to accidentally close a tab. As
Universe Firefox put it, it locks the essential tabs in. The other examples are like your RSS, or calendar. This add-on makes it impossible to accidentally close a tab.

With a little tweaking....which I will talk about elsewhere, you can even use one of your tabs as your windows explorer. Thus all your computer operations will that go on inside your Firefox. Do you want me to tell you the tweak? Ask for it, c'mon. feel free to leave your comments you like here.

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