Friday, May 2

Where is your blog sitting?

I have been busy trying to develop a new home for my blogs. I bet some of us here will be wondering why. Well, it is to 'self-host'. It has been a challenge since I am not IT trained at all. Come and see me with those PHP scripts! Do not laugh at me.

Anyway, with some luck and a few hours, we are getting somewhere. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I will relocate and tell you how. I will give a step-by-step guide and I am sure many will eventually make that move. Believe it or not, if I can do it, you can.

Take a sneak-peak at a screenshot of my landing page. What do you think?


mi thots alone said...

well, well, what do we have here . . . and you said you are not IT trainned? quit your modest blurt the site is HOT! take it from me. check out mine, as borring as NTA programs on a bad day.

Dwayne said...

Cool, I look forward to seeing the new site. Anytime you can have your own hosting is a lot better I have heard. I am going to switch to my hosting soon also. I have already switched to my own domain on one of my blogs and planning on doing the other very soon. It can be really fun and challenging also.

Petula said...

Interesting and unique design... way to go! I think I want to get my PageRank up first before I make a change like that... but I am interesting in doing another re-design soon. Something a little more professional looking and less blog looking... Like yours! :-)


It looks great so far. Do you think I should do that too? Does it increase your page rank? I have no idea what I am doing but thankfully you do so I can read your blog.

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