Thursday, May 1

May Blog Competition where everyone is a winner

This month our competition continues. The April session went on very well and we have some winners. Our contests here are based on what one does in a competition not "random selection". The rules are clear and everyone can be a winner, but you have to play by the competition rules here.
  • For the Month of May,link to this post and place one comment below. Below are some of the things you get.
  • The top entries for the preceding month will get reviewed as featured blog here as Blogs of Focus for the month free!
  • A directory is published for the month with permanent links through the contestants' keywords of choice submitted in the form below.
  • The Blogs of Focus box above gets sent out with RSS feeds on every post and we do publish a lot every month.
The winners for May will be in the Directory for June.

As with many lists, we know that the first entries on the list get the most hits, so be wise. All it takes is a link to the post and you are on!


Petula said...

How cool! I am so psyched to be one of the Blogs of Focus. Thanks! I'm gonna have to tell everyone about that.

So... can I put my blog in the directory too? Well, I filled out the form just in case I forgot between the time I see your response and such. I've so behind on blogging... Thanks again!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I read about his on Petula's blog. It looks really interesting. I'll come back later to check it out, but it's time to get the kids ready for bed now.

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