Monday, April 21

Unique blog competition where everyone wins! April

This blog does not believe in sweep-stakes and so-called competitions all over the place where winning is by "random selection". Those are not competitions, but gambling. If you want to compete for a position, then this is the competition for you. A-listed blogs are free to compete, as winning depends on your efforts and not on your luck or previous reputation.

I am compiling a list of Blogs/Websites and their link phrase keywords to be displayed on this site at the beginning of every month. It is important to get links and these links become more useful if they link to you through your link phrase of choice. That way, the search engines see that you are linked to for those words and your journey up begins. In addition to being on the list, the top entries will also get featured as one of our Blogs of Focus for ne full month. In subsequent months, you may submit additional keywords/link phrases which will also be added to the list for that new month and published provided you fulfil all the basic requirements outlined below.

To qualify to be listed, all you have to do is;

Basic Points
1.Comment on two posts on this blog. One of them must be this post.
2.Use the same email address to fill in the form below
3.Subscribe to my RSS feed by confirmed by email
The above gets you 25 points. These you may redeem as Entrecard credits without appearing on the list.

Bonus Points
4. As a bonus, if you mention the competition and link to it in your blog, your trackback link will appear below and you will gain an additional 10 points for every link to it. (SPAM,SPLOGS and obscene or illegal sites are not accepted)
5. If you link to any other post on this blog, you get 10 points apiece.

The top entries for the preceding month will get reviewed as featured blog here as Blogs of Focus for the month free!

As with many lists, we know that the first entries on the list get the most hits, so be wise. All it takes is a link to the post and you are on!


Dwayne said...

I added a post to my blog to let everyone know about the contest. Good luck, I hope you get a lot of entries.

Alexys Fairfield said...

Sounds like a cool contest. I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I have just started blogging and this is the first link I have put on my blog so Thank you for the opportunity. Hope this brings some activity to my blog


Great contest! I have subscribed and will put a post about the contest on my blog tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice one. It is a win-win contest. Count me in!

By the way, I love the design of your blog. It is so professional. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Great contest! I found this via Health Nut Wannabee Mom (one of my favorite blogs, I'm a frequent visitor - we have the same goals!).

Good luck to all (but I hope I win of course!)!

Anonymous said...

Great Contest McNeri! Wish you all the best luck and for me too.

Petula said...

Great contest... I'm in! I've subscribed, leaving a comment and I'm on my way to adding a post.


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