Wednesday, April 30

How to use Entrecard to grow your blog

Unique Blog Contest: Register and win April 2008Entrecard seems to be the new/future of social networking. Keep dropping on me and I will continue to drop on you. I really do not mind bounce rates in a non-self hosted blog yet. Conversions are all important so if you get 100 droppers a day and 5% convert to your blog, at the end of 100 days, theoretically you should have 500 converts! That is the way to look at entrecard. There is a wonderful blog dedicated to entrecard and it has great posts that will help beginners and older users as well.

Many droppers just drop and go, well, you are welcome. I do that too sometimes. However some blogs are welcoming and interesting. They have what I am looking for or what I did not know I needed and that gets me reading and leaving comments. Believe it or not that comment brings me visitors. Dropping brings me visitors. Blogging brings me visitors.

Getting your visitors to come back is all-important. How to do that with entrecard is relatively simple. If you look hard and long enough, you will find blogs/bloggers that interest you. Warm up to them, make useful comments on their blogs, reciprocate their drops, put them in your favorites list. That suddenly becomes social networking. Soon you have a community no matter how small and it will grow into what you dream of some day. Consistency is the word.

Do not lose focus and do not be in a hurry. If you realize that with 5 subscribers to your blog daily in one year you will have up to 1825 regular readers of your blog (from Entrecard alone). then if you use Blogcatalog or Digg or Stumble also, the number further increases. Soon adverts on your blog will be going for double and triple figures.

The good thing about entrecard-grown blogs is that majority of the readers are entrecarders so you will continue to get drops. The hard work is at the begining. I think the first 100 days. If you make 300 per day drops in those early days, certainly you will have loads of converts. However, you must have great fresh and useful content if you want me to be back to your blog. Pro-blog reviews also has a few lovely entrecard and blogging posts.

Drop and go, but please bookmark me, subscribe to my RSS feed and drop a comment. I will reciprocate.


Petula Wright said...

This is helpful. I'm gonna check out that EntreCard blog and be sure to visit my droppers on a regular basis.

Tania Mara said...

You're so right. I came here from EntreCard, liked your blog and found this post very hepful. Many people say that EC traffic is useless. Glad to see a different point of view. Your post shows that if you think long-term, you can get some nice results from dropping cards regularly.

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