Saturday, April 19

Betting on my winning Blogs

Unique Blog Contest: Register and win in April

People often ask me what it takes to know a winning blog. Well, for one you have to be observant. In the last few weeks, I have come across a few blogs that are on the upward trajectory, definitely.
The first one is This is an amazingly creative blog by a guy called Matt. he is unassuming, intelligent and goes for the kill. he has created several widgets that make the life of a blogger simple. The icing on the cake is that he is an author. In this book which he has on his blog, he gives you a complete guideline on how to use and help on BlogCatalog, a social networking microblogging platform. That is where I met Matt. I know he will be in the A-list soon enough because he is being of enormous help to bloggers, new and old.

The second blog that has impressed me recently is : Health Nut Wanna Be's Blog. This is a married stay-at-home mum-blogger who has been changing the lives of her readers with wonderful resources for healthy eating and living. She writes engagingly and has intrigued me with her blogs even though she claims no medical knowledge. One visit to her blog will get you addicted. She preaches eating healthy and when you look at her portrait on her profile page, you will understand why. that blog and blogger are definitely blogs of progress. Let us watch that space. See her recent post here.

The third Blog I would want to talk about is The blog master got my attention....somehow. Visit his two sites, Potpolitics dot com and milliondollarblogs and see how. Anyway he is a great guy living in San Antonio at the moment. I think his style is trendy yet aggressive and he will get through the roof very soon. Watch him and his friends, I for one.


Posh Mama said...

Great info and thanks for the suggestions. I'm off to check them out now. Take care, xoxo-pm


Thanks Mcneri! You did not tell me you had this up. So genuine and modest. Pls. check my blog for a post on your contest tomorrow night. How do you know how to do all this? upi are a blogging wizard!

Mcneri said...

Posh Mama I wish I knew who replied to my post. thanks for taking the prmpt and visiting these blogs. Your team is doing great too. Do keep in touch.

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